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Guest In Your Pulpit - Gerry Gavin
Guest In Your Pulpit - Gerry Gavin

Gerry Gavin is an Ordained Minister (Sanctuary of the Beloved, Conesus NY 1995) and is the Best-Selling Author of two Hay House Books, “Messages from Margaret” (now available in eight languages)—and the most recent “If You Could Talk to an Angel,” (currently in three languages). He is the host of the international weekly Blog Talk Radio Show, “Messages from Margaret.” Gerry is comfortable speaking to groups of thousands and tiny congregations in living rooms. His style is engaging, humerus, thought provoking, and very down to earth! He strives to create very personalized and customized wedding and funeral services and sermons that are timely and powerful. Gerry professional experience has been in the field of Publishing—where he created products to serve the health needs of the public, social services and volunteerism. He has worked very heavily with Autism and Alzheimer's Disease, served as a hospic e volunteer and taught energy work to other workers and support staff.

Titles of programs/sermons and a brief statement of content on each:

  • Dining at a Restaurant as a Metaphor for Life: We all enjoy the experience of dining at a restaurant – and it is a worldwide experience that is equally popular everywhere. But why is that? In this homily we talk about how the “restaurant experience” brings to us exactly what the soul desires for us to experience, and what we can offer as the experience to others. We all desire to be welcomed; to have a special place prepared for us; to feel the special nature of being served and being of service to others; to come into a place with a wide menu of choices that allow us amazing opportunities to experience new wonderful things—while still knowing the comfort of the familiar and trusted; and finally to know that at the end of this wonderful experience—there is dessert! And it’s even more wonderful!
  • The Farm as a Metaphor for Life: I grew up a city kid and never had such a profound appreciation for the sacredness of life as I encountered through living on a small horse farm for the past ten years. Living on a farm teaches you some important things:
    • How the energy of fear is something that animals sense in us—which made me so aware of the state of my own energy—in a way I never knew it
    • How horses learn trust and obedience not by what you do to “break them,” but by what you do that allows them to know that you are their leader—and they can depend on you and trust you at all times—great to know for raising kids!
    • How watching animals live “in the moment” can teach us so much about how we can do that too!
    • How sometimes mucking manure can be the most relaxing thing! Showing us that sometimes the poop we have to deal is only as bad as how we want to deal with it!
  • When “Enough is Enough”: Even though we know that we are all creatures of God sometimes it is so hard for us to feel that we are “enough” in our own skin. We may think that we are not smart enough, or thin enough, or wealthy enough, or healthy enough, but in God’s eyes and to our soul we are enough just the way we are and we are seeking not only to honor that feeling of “enough-ness”—but to allow our soul to guide us into expanding our joy and becoming MORE THAN ENOUGH! Some practical tips in looking within to find our perfection an affirmation for the community and a meditation help all to discover they are enough and that enough is perfection!
  • Also Timely topics to help congregations to navigate difficult times or world situations.
  • Offers additional workshops such as Workshops in Listening to Your Body, Guided Meditation and Angelic Communication

Availability: Anytime of the year, within 100 miles of New Egypt, NJ.

Fee arrangements: Standard UUMA rates for presenters plus current IRS rates for mileage. Home hospitality an possibility depending on distance.

Contact: Email Gerry Gavin at ggavin27 [at] gmail [dot] com

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