Guest In Your Pulpit - Rev. Jeffrey B. Gamblee

Guest in Your Pulpit

Pastor Jeffrey B. Gamblee is a second career minister, ordained in 2009 by the UU congregation in White Plains, NY. He has served congregations in Hastings-On-Hudson, Mohegan Lake and Southold, all in NY. Due to congregational pay limitations, Pastor Jef also has a long history as a Community Minister, serving hospice clients since 2002. Pastor Jef attends First Unitarian Universalist Church in Columbus, where he is active with BREAD, a social justice group. He is the father of two, grandfather of two, husband of one and serves as chief of staff for his cat.

Sermons: If possible I wish to speak with a member of the Worship Committee, in order to make the sermon relevant and timely to congregational concerns, which can mean in the end, a brand new sermon.

  • Forgiveness
  • Vision 2020
  • Racism awareness
  • UU history
  • What does it mean to live the UU life?
  • The Sharps
  • Challenges of finding a new minister
  • Chaos to Cosmos
  • What is hospitality?
  • Church 2.0
  • Christmas Eve
  • Easter
  • Making a difference for justice

Availability: Within 120 miles of Columbus, OH.

Fee arrangements: According to UUMA guidelines.

Contact: Email Rev. Jeffrey Gamblee at