Guest in Your Pulpit - Andy Frankel

Andy Fraenkel is a multi-cultural storyteller by profession and a multi-faith storyteller by calling. Over the years he has offered programs and workshops in a variety of venues, including New York University's (NYU's) Center for Near Eastern Studies, The New School For Social Research, Religious Communications Congress 2000, The Centennial Event of the Parliament of World Religions (1993), Dharma Conference, WVU Diversity Week, and Holistic Living Seminar. He has also given presentations at UU's in Indianapolis, Morgantown, Wheeling, Canton, Akron, Youngstown and Madison, Wisc.

"The roots of religion," he observes, "are found not in philosophy or ritual, but in story. The need to understand one another's cultures and traditions is greater than ever. And storytelling is an age old tool to help us build bridges to one another and to the eternal transcendent nature." He is also a recipient of a WV Artist Fellowship Award. For more info visit Sacred Voices

Titles of programs/sermons and a brief statement of content on each:

  • Sacred Voices—This program offers a pilgrimage into the world's sacred traditions through stories and meditations.The wisdom of the world's cultures has traditionally been shared in the form of storytelling where everyone can find a place. Selections are usually drawn from the Sufi, Islamic, Hassidic, Hindu,Native American, and Buddhist traditions.
  • Dharma Teachings and Stories of Ancient India The ancient stories of India have endured for millennia. The Mahabharata, Ramayana, Bhagavat Purana and Bhagavad Gita are the basis and essence of the Hindu religion. These stories manifest the dharma and have been a well spring of inspiration for centuries. Andy can focus on stories from any one of the above literatures or offer a program of various selections that will fit your needs.
  • Always Time For A Story Judaism is a world full of stories which are likened to candles providing illumination and comfort for the Jewish people. Whether dealing with a problem from the often hostile world around them, or a question from scripture, or a doubt, or a celebration there was always a story to be told. Andy brings us the delight and wisdom of the Jewish tale.
  • Discovering The Chi—Explore the art of balancing our inner and outer worlds through breath and movement. The Chi nourishes the body, mind and spirit. This gently engaging workshop introduces ancient techniques of meditation and stress relief. Andy shares techniques and principles common to Tai Chi, Chi Kung and Yoga. This is an interactive session wherein we will take away basic forms for our daily use.
  • In Search of Story—A workshop that helps us to explore and share our life's stories. Andy Fraenkel observes that the need to share stories and to express ourselves is vital to all human beings. This workshop helps spark our creativity, ignite the imagination, nourish our well being, and expand the remembrance of our past. This gently engaging, interactive workshop invites us to discover the storyteller within ourselves as we reflect upon pivotal stories in our lives.

Availability: Anytime.

Fee arrangements: Negotiable.

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