Guest In Your Pulpit - Diane Diachishin

Diane Diachishin has been a Unitarian Universalist for 30 years. She taught music in the public schools for 15 years and enjoys sharing her love of large groups coming together by soaring with song. She currently works in NYC for Music that Heals. org. Performances take place in hospice facilities, hospital lobbies, schools for special children, oncology units, out-patient clinics, burn centers, senior care centers, as well as children’s hospitals and homeless shelters. The musicians Diane works with are professionals, who are passionate as Diane is about sharing their talents with patients, staff, and visitors in these types of healthcare settings.

Service Description: "Building Bridges" - Musical plus spoken word program inspired by Robert Putnam's book, "BOWLING ALONE", and the website, Better Together. This program is designed to promote unity, community, and right relations within your congregation.

Availability: within 150 miles of Wallkill, NY

Contact: Email Diane Diaschishin through her website