Guest In Your Pulpit - Ron Boyd

Ron Boyd is a member of the UU Congregation of Greater Canton, OH.

Titles of programs/sermons and a brief statement of content on each:

  • Some Do Find Answers—Hope for the Seekers—Are we destined to only ask questions, or do we ever actually find answers? Can we ever be satisfied by endless debate and discussion?
  • Prisoners of War—In a world of seemingly endless war, is there ever to be any hope for peace?
  • Return to the Mythic—In a world where science has distanced us from mythic ideas, has anything been lost that might be regained by returning to the mythic?
  • The Alphabet vs the Goddess—Based upon Leonard Schlain's book The Alphabet vs. the Goddess, we explore his premise that the rise of the alphabet and literacy may have had a direct correlation to the disappearance of the Goddess in cultures, the rise of monotheism, its ensuing ramifications, and why this trend may now be reversing.
  • UU's, Christianity, and Christ—Many UU's are recovering from Christian baggage in their upbringing, but what value might we reclaim from our Christian roots?
  • Math and the Science of Spirituality—We explore the hidden connections between the world of numbers, and the inner world of the spirit.
  • Rock Climbing as a Spiritual Discipline—How my years of climbing mountains have affected my perspective on life and allowed me to feel more fulfilled and to live more deeply.
  • Religion and/or Truth—My exodus from being a Christian fundamentalist, coming to UUism, and beyond.
  • Acting Lessons—Life lessons and perspectives gained from my time spent in community theater.
  • A Righteous War—Is there ever a righteous war? We explore insights from and reflections on the Bhagavad Gita, an ancient Hindu Sanskrit text.
  • The Perennial Philosophy—An exploration of the spiritual classic, The Perennial Philosophy by Aldous Huxley. By exploring and drawing from many of the world's religions, we find the threads that connect them.
  • The Challenge of Being Green—An interactive sermon where we reflect upon the impact our lives have on the planet, what we have lost, and what we need to do to regain it.
  • Love Unconditional - Exploring Unconditional Love - Exploring the idea of unconditional love and how it relates to the UU Standing on the Side of Love campaign.

Availability: Anytime, depending on the weather within 100 miles of Canton, OH.

Fee arrangements: Mileage at standard rates and a $100 presentation fee, negotiable.

Contact: Email Ron Boyd at