Guest In Your Pulpit - Rev. Leonisa Ardizzone

Guest in Your Pulpit

Leonisa Ardizzone was an educator for more than 25 years before starting the process of becoming a UU minister. She has a BA in Biology, an M.Ed in Science Education an Ed.D. in International Educational Development with a specialization in Peace Education. After working as a teacher, professor, non-profit executive, and small business owner, Leonisa attended Union Theological Seminary and received her MDiv in 2017. Leonisa is also a published author and a professional jazz vocalist. Her greatest joy (and challenge) has been raising her daughter, Rafaella. After living in New York City for 20+ years, she and Rafaella now live in Rosendale, NY (Ulster County).

Titles of sample programs/sermons and a brief statement of content on each:

  • Down, But Not Out - Sometimes when things get too rough our despair overtakes us. But, what can we learn from our “rock bottom” and how can we find a way through?
  • Fail Better - "Failure" is a regular part of life, but how we define failure and what we do with our "failed attempts" is where real transformation occurs.
  • Blessings of the Earth - How do we remember and honor all that Earth gives us.
  • Say Yes! - Risk taking and our calling
  • Give me Liberty or ? Living in a time where totalitarian policies are encroaching on individual and collective liberties, what is our role as Unitarian Universalists of conscience to stem this tide?
  • Jazz and the Spirit - The improvisational nature of jazz can teach us how to let go and dig in.
  • A topic of your choice!
  • Additional Offerings: Leonisa can offer music services, jazz vespers or a Sunday jazz service with a quartet, trio or duo (for additional payment). Please inquire!

Availability: Year Round and preferably within 100 miles of Tillson, NY.

Fee arrangements: According to UUMA guidelines.

Contact: Email Leonisa Ardizzone at