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Guest in Your Pulpit - Arthur R. Aldrich

Arthur R. Aldrich is from Suffern, NY.

Titles of programs/sermons and a brief statement of content on each:

  • Albert Schweitzer-unlikely Unitarian? From a traditional Lutheran background, Albert Schweitzer, physician, philosopher, theologian and musicologist, evolved into a humanist and became a Unitarian. We trace his spiritual and ethical lifetime journey and consider the lessons we can apply today to our own spiritual growth.
  • New Confucianism and the Threat to Western Liberal Thought. Confucianism, as it originated in China and spread throughout Asia was basically a humanist, non-theological movement that encouraged ethical behavior. Mixed with Marxism, it has taken on pseudo-theological aspects including deification of secular leaders such as Chairman Mao in China and Kim Jun-il in North Korea. A new movement in China seeks to reinstate classic Confucianism as a response to modernity. What are the implications for the West?
  • Take A Pagan to Lunch. Unitarians have accepted, if not embraced our pagan roots, while some traditional religions have attempted to deny or ignore them. This program explores these pagan roots which have formed the foundation of modern religion.
  • Defining religion. There seem to be as many definitions of religion as there are varieties of religious belief. Unitarians have pioneered in developing new definitions to describe our theology and core beliefs. This program helps UUs understand the way we define religions in order to understand what we expect to derive from membership in and support of our religious communities.

Availability: Within 150 miles of Suffern, NY.

Fee arrangements: To be arranged with the presenter.

Contact: Email Arthur R Aldrich at araldrich [at] mac [dot] com

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