Guest in Your Pulpit - Arthur R. Aldrich

Guest in Your Pulpit

Arthur R. Aldrich is from Suffern, NY.

Titles of programs/sermons and a brief statement of content on each:

  • Albert Schweitzer, an Unlikely Unitarian - The son and grandson of strict Lutheran ministers, Albert Schweitzer received degrees in philosophy and theology, before qualifying as a physician. But later he joined the Church of the Larger Fellowship as a Unitarian. We explore the roots of his path to humanism. (Can be a straight pulpit talk or mutli-media presentation).
  • Confucianism and the Humanist Dilemma: Confucianism has been practiced as a philosophy, code of moral and ethical conduct, and as a theology without a deity. While these aspects may appeal to humanists, Confucianism has also served as the basis for the brutal and repressive regime in North Korea, where the leader is accorded god-like status.

    (Can be a straight pulpit talk or multl-media presentation).

  • Henry David Thoreau - the Practical Theologian. Thoreau (and Emerson) have long been exalted as prophets of modern Unitarian-Universalism. Thoreau’s theology evolved more from his practical experience as a teacher, businessman and indefatigable walker who roamed New England, rather than from abstract philosophy and theology.

Availability: Within 150 miles of Suffern, NY.

Fee arrangements: To be arranged with the presenter.

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