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Guest in Your Pulpit - Rev. Robin Zucker
Guest in Your Pulpit - Rev. Robin Zucker

The Reverend Robin L. Zucker graduated from Harvard Divinity School and was ordained to the Unitarian Universalist (UU) ministry in 2000. She is currently in final fellowship with the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA). Robin has served as a parish minister in two congregations, as a hospice chaplain, and as a religious educator and youth director in several different settings. Since 2004, Robin has directed two community-based professional ministries in the areas of marriage and divorce related counseling, education and mediation. She is an experienced and multi-skilled workshop and retreat leader, who has facilitated everything from Coming of Age programs to Board retreats to Soulcamps, professional trainings, conflict resolution mediations, theme talks and public lectures. Extensive information about Robin, her professional training and her ministries, as well as samples of her sermons and other resources, can be found on her two websites: Flowingforce and Divorce without Destruction.

The Rev. Zucker writes: "After living and working in the Boston area for thirty-plus years, and with my children grown and launched, I have returned happily to my hometown of Pittsburgh, PA with my sweet rescue dog, Kip. Having become a UU and a minister within the "Vatican" of UUism, I am excited to experience and serve our tradition outside of New England. My current mottos for living are: "Small Things Often" and "Try to be joyful, even if you've considered the facts."

I am available to OMD congregations, individuals, and conference centers to provide the following services:

Preaching and Worship Leadership

I have preached in dozens of pulpits, 100 plus times, and love to preach and lead worship for small to large congregations. I was a finalist in Harvard's Billing's Prize preaching competition.  I'm  happy to hear suggestions about  sermon topics or I  can offer several options to choose from. My sermons are spiritually humanist in tone and my philosophy is that sermons should be like a small pebble in one's shoe that move with the listener from Sunday to Tuesday to Thursday and back to Sunday again.  Fee: standard Unitarian Universalist Ministers Assocciation (UUMA) rates, plus travel.

Rites of Passage

As available, I would be delighted to accept referrals for memorial services and baby dedications (near Pittsburgh)  and weddings in Western PA, West Virginia and Eastern Ohio. One of my  ongoing ministries is Radiant Vows - a professional marriage ministry through which I officiate at weddings and facilitate  pre-marital counseling and  PREPARE marriage education programs. Much more about Radiant Vows, including testimonials can be found on my website. Fees for memorial services and baby dedications: UUMA standard rates, plus travel. Fees for weddings are dependent on the scope of the event and can be found on my website.

Board and Congregational Retreats

If you are experiencing transition or conflict, would like to engage in goal setting, visioning, or deeper connection as a congregation or Board, I can help you achieve these objectives. I am broadly experienced at crafting and leading retreats and workshops of all kinds and will draw on my background in ministry, mediation, teaching, coaching,  and public speaking to move your group forward. Retreats can range from half-day to full day to weekend in length . (can be combined with a guest in the pulpit visit) Fee: UUMA standard unit rates to include preparation and facilitation, an estimate will be given.

Workshops and Presentations

I love to teach and lead personal and spiritual growth program all along the lifespan. Please contact me for a full list of programs, which include: Writing for Self Discovery and Renewal; Simply Pray; Thoreau's Three Chairs (Sitting Well with Covenant); Dying in the lLiving Room (Spiritual Passages for families facing death); Getting Out of the Grip and in to the Flow (general personal and spiritual growth program); Unplug the Holiday Machine ( reconnecting with your core values during the holidays). Fee: dependent on program specifics, an estimate will be given. (can be combined with a guest in the pulpit visit)


Prefer not to travel more than 150 miles from Pittsburgh, PA, but negotiable especially for retreat/worship combination programs. If beyond 100 miles, will need home hospitality.

Fee arrangements

According to UUMA guidelines.


Email Rev. Zucker at rzflowingforce [at] gmail [dot] com

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