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John Gardner
Guest in Your Pulpit - John Gardner

John Gardner is from Painesville, OH

Titles of programs/sermons and a brief statement of content on each:

  • Go Ahead: Make My Day!—Some thoughts on the kinds of deeds and actions that "make our day." Can we set out to do the same for others?
  • These Gods I Trust—A Unitarian Universalist provides a different "take" on the motto on U.S. coinage, "In God We Trust."
  • In Search of Certainty—Unitarians are generally comfortable with a certain level of ambiguity when it comes to religious questions. With the wider culture becoming ever more vocal in its certainty about such matters, where can we look for a similar level of confidence?
  • Memory and Spirit: Exploring the Connection—Memory is one of our most defining human traits. What happens when it fails, due to Alzheimers or other causes? How does the spirit endure such a loss, and what is the effect on the lives and spirits of family and loved ones?
  • Of Fathers and Sons, and Daddy and Me—One man's look at his own relationship with his father, set against the background of the ups and downs that this vital relationship typically engenders. Not just for Father's day.
  • In Defense of Indolence—Best suited to a summer Sunday, this somewhat lighthearted meditation considers the benefits to be gleaned from doing absolutely nothing!

Availability: Anytime except late January through early April. Only available within 125 miles of Painesville, OH.

Fee arrangements: $150.00

Contact: Email John Gardner at jrg1 [at] roadrunner [dot] com

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