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Guest In Your Pulpit - Galen DeVriendt
Guest in Your Pulpit - Galen DeVriendt

Galen DeVriendt is a composer who as written music for many of the readings in the Singing the Living Tradition Hymnal.

There are two options for congregations:

The Unitarian Universalist Heart—Galen will fill in the pulpit when a pastor is absent. This presentation will follow your normal Sunday morning format. This sermon will include 4 to 5 pieces of music while extoling the virtues of the UU heart. Hymns will be included that have been rewritten with new words that express a more UU viewpoint while still holding on to the emotional character of the hymn.

Alternatively, Galen will work with the pastor of the congregation to collaborate around a theme of the pastor's choosing. The pastor will receive a list of readings with the numbers that music has been written for and also send the titles and a brief description of songs for which music and words have been written. The pastor can then choose one or more of these pieces and the author will send the full text. Galen is open to doing anything the pastor envisions.

Availability: Anytime, depending on the weather

Fee arrangements: Mileage if a considerable distance from Toledo, OH. Would appreciate home hospitality Saturday evenng if a considerable distance from Toledo, OH.

Contact: Email Galen DeVriendt at galendevriendt [at] hotmail [dot] com

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