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Building Our Capacity for Authentic Diversity
Building Our Capacity for Authentic Diversity

Is your congregation diving into racial justice or multicultural work, but struggling with how to make connections across differences?

Is your congregation interested in being more authentically open to new cultures and backgrounds?

Each of us has culture—conscious and unconscious ways of being in the world. To become a truly multicultural faith, we need leaders who can build relationships effectively across difference - including ethnicity, class, sexual orientation, gender, and more. This Building Authentic Diversity workshop will provide both an analytic framework and concrete skills for intercultural communication. The workshop is based on a program first offered to all UU ministers and strongly recommended by both the UU Minister’s Association and the Unitarian Universalist Association.  Participation is open to everyone regardless of previous experience with this kind of work. 

These workshops are a day long, typically 9-4 on a weekend. We encourage clusters to ask their primary contacts to help them arrange these workshops in their area.

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