CER Chalice Lighters How to Apply
CER Chalice Lighters How to Apply
Fundraising for Congregations

Below please find the necessary forms to apply for Chalice Lighter Grants. You must complete the Intent to Apply first. This gives the staff time to work with your congregation to complete the full grant application.

Dates to Remember and Important Deadlines

Intent to Apply Due Full Application Due

Grant Meeting
(usually 3rd Wednesday)

June 1 August 1 September
October 1 December 1 January
January 2 March 1 April

This program is overseen by Cristina Sanchis, CER Financial Manager,, and the CER Chalice Lighters Program Committee. Contact them at chalicelighters [at] cerguua [dot] org.

Who Can Apply for a Chalice Lighter Grant?

  1.  Individual congregations of any size may apply.
    1. Applicant congregations must be members of the UUA and CER for no less than one year.
    2. Applicant congregations must not have received a Chalice Lighter grant within the past two (2) fiscal years.
    3. Applicant congregations are required to have UUA Annual Program Fund (APF) Honor Status for the previous fiscal year and to commit to remain in APF Honor Status for the current fiscal year and duration of the grant. A Waiver to this policy may be granted at the discretion of the committee when the congregation presents their sustainable plan to move into Honor Status within three years, along with their full application.
    4. Applicant congregations’ participation in the Chalice Lighters program will be taken into consideration in awarding grants. Preferential treatment will be given to congregations with participation of 20% or more in the program, and congregations are required to have a Chalice Lighter Ambassador.
    5. Applicants must include long range plans written or updated within two years prior to the submission of the Full Application.  Long range plans must have been accepted by congregation vote or, in case of an update, by formal vote of the congregational board.  Plans must include five year budget projections and demonstrate anticipated growth as well has how congregations will fund various initiatives outlined after the conclusion of the grant period.
    6. Preferential treatment will also be given to congregations actively working to build anti-racist, anti-oppressive, and multi-cultural communities.
  2.  Congregations in formation may apply
    1. Applications for new congregation organizing grants should be prepared in partnership with CER staff.
    2. New congregation organizing grants may be submitted to fund “organizers” and/or other organizing activities.  Plans and applications should indicate other sources of support.
    3. Organizing grant applications must be accompanied by plans that demonstrate favorable demographics, commitments of financial and organizational support from sponsoring congregations, and composition of a steering committee, which includes members with Unitarian Universalist experience as well as commitment to attending training in new congregation organizing.
  3.  Clusters of congregations may apply
    1. Member congregations’ participation in the UUA Fair Share and Chalice Lighter programs will be taken into consideration in awarding grants to clusters.
    2. A Cluster must have a long-range plan for the project for which funding is sought. The plan should describe the project, how it will be implemented, and how results will be measured. There is no requirement that each congregation in a cluster that applies for a grant must have a long-range plan.
    3. The Cluster must designate a fiscal agent.
  4.  Regional Growth Committees may apply

What Kinds of Projects Are Right for a Chalice Lighter Grant?

  1. Grants for staff positions
  2. Grants for land, buildings, and increase in space
  3. Grants for innovative growth projects
  4. Grants for organizing a new congregation

For detailed information about the specific requirements each type of grants, please download the intent to apply form (Word).

Congregations who do not meet these requirements may consider posting their project on Faithify.org, the UU Crowdfunding website. Your primary contact can help you.

For more information contact cer@uua.org.

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