Youth Advisor Webinar Series, Healthy Partnerships, Oct 10, 8 pm ET
Youth Advisor Webinar Series - Nov 2019
2019-11-14 20:00:00
2019-11-14 21:30:00
Thursday, November 14, 2019 - 8:00 pm to 9:30 pm EST

Type of event: Webinar

Sponsor: Central East Region of the UUA, UUA Ministries and Faith Development: Youth and Young Adult Ministries Office

Safety in Youth Ministry

We will explore the role of safety policies, the adult role responding in emergencies and crisis, communicating with youth about the reasons for rules, and how co-created covenants create a safer youth program. This webinar will briefly touch on the new 2019 UUA Youth Safety Guidelines and some evolving best practices from this work.

This webinar is part of a year long series of webinars offering deeper training for paid and volunteer youth advisors. Each month you will receive a video and sometimes a short reading to prepare you for the webinar. We will use our online gathering time for updates in the area of focus, guest appearances, discussion of questions participants bring from the reading, and break out groups for case studies. This format will let us go deep into one area each month to build your skills and capacity!

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You can also register for the entire year which includes a small group discussion, please see the main information page for this program for details and registration.

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