Money Mythbusters: An Online Stewardship Conference, January 25, 2020
Money Mythbusters: An Online Stewardship Conference
2020-01-25 09:00:00
2020-01-25 17:00:00
Saturday, January 25, 2020 - 9:00 am to 5:00 pm EST

Type of event: Webinar

Sponsor: Central East Region of the UUA

9:00am EST: Keynote Speaker: Elizabeth Ann Terry, Congregational Giving Specialist, UUA Office of Stewardship and Development

Money is…

Elizabeth is fascinated by the power of religious institutions to have meaningful impacts on their communities. She has been a witness to congregations who apply the principles of asset-based community development and appreciative inquiry to move their congregations and communities into bright and purposeful futures.

With nearly 50 years of providing training, technical assistance and consulting to nonprofit organizations and congregations her intention is to continue to be of service to communities of faith who believe that collective gifts of the head, heart, and hands can change to world. Currently Elizabeth serves you as the congregational giving specialist at your Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations. She is a member of the of the 360 Council of BLUU, the board of directors of Forward Together, the Unitarian Universalist Justice Ministry of North Carolina and a member of Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Wilmington (NC).

10:15am EST:  15 minute Stretch Break

10:30am EST: Panel Discussion, Experiences with Covenant and Generosity featuring leaders from four congregations within in the Central East Region.

11:45am EST:  45 minute Lunch Break


There will be three afternoon workshop sessions, each with two offerings:

12:30pm EST: Workshop 1

  • Strategies for Stewardship Engagement (Part 1) with Patricia Infante
  • Changing Community Culture Around Money with Elizabeth Ann Terry

1:45pm EST:  15 minute Stretch Break

2:00pm EST:  Workshop 2

  • Strategies for Stewardship Engagement (Part 2) with Patricia Infante
  • Communicating About Your Congregation's Finances with Rev. Renee Ruchotzke

3:15pm EST:  15 minute Stretch Break

3:30pm EST:  Workshop 3

  • Training for In-Person Stewardship: Making the Ask with Patricia Infante
  • Stewardship as Part of Membership with Rev. Renee Ruchotzke​

​4:45pm EST:  15 minute Stretch Break

5:00pm EST: Closing

Teams are encouraged to attend together and make time after the event for processing and sharing learnings. Multiple logins are permitted with a team registration (that is you don't all have to be in the same room!)

Can't attend or don't have the whole day available? We will record all of the presentations and make them available to registered congregations.

Cost: $50 per congregational team, $35 if your congregation is an APF Honor Congregation*

Register Now
Registration deadline is Friday, January 24, 2020 at 5 pm. Do note that if you are registering as a team, please make sure no one else from your congregation has already registered.

Technical Requirements

The webinar platform we use is Zoom, which you can download from Zoom offers computer, tablet and phone versions of their software. They have a great support and help section to answer questions on their website.

To fully participate in the meeting you will need a computer with internet access and good speakers. We recommend that if you are participating individually that you use a headset to prevent feedback when speaking.

If you are hosting a group, you will want to plug the computer into a large screen such as a projector or large television to allow everyone to see and use external speakers if your tv or projector doesn't have built in speakers, to allow everyone to hear.

A camera on your computer so we can see you is a bonus, but not required to participate. If your internet connection is weak, turning off your video helps stabilize the connection.

*A UUA APF Honor Congregation is a congregation that has contributed their full requested contribution as of the end of the fiscal year. Honor is used synonymously with the moniker "Fair Share Congregation". You can see if your congregation is an honor congregation in your Find a Congregation listing.

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