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Leading Change in Changing Times


Type of event: Webinar

Leading Change in Changing Times, Skills to complement Board Basics for these COVID times. August 22, 12-3 pm

Leadership Is Changing!

The skills that board members and other leaders need are changing, and we are here to help! Revs. Sunshine Wolfe & Renee Ruchotzke are offering a training for these COVID times to complement the Board Basics we are offering in June: Leading Change in Changing Times.

The training will include a few hours of pre-work at the UU Leadership Institute. The pre-work class will open on August 1st. Then there will be an interactive session on Saturday, August 22, 12-3pm EDT. (There will be breaks, we promise!) The training will help your leaders “shape change” to bring you closer to your call of building Beloved Community.

This event is free to participants to take.

Registration is now closed for this event.

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