2020 CER Seaway Gathering, April 17-18, 2020, Syracuse, NY
2020 CER Seaway Gathering
2020-04-17 19:00:00
2020-04-18 16:00:00
Friday, April 17, 2020 - 7:00 pm EDT to Saturday, April 18, 2020 - 4:00 pm EDT

Type of event: Conference

Sponsor: Central East Region of the UUA, May Memorial UU Society, Syracuse, NY, First UU Society of Syracuse, Syracuse, NY

This is event is moving to a virtual presentation. Rather than hold the whole event at once, we are scheduling different parts at different times. 

Sources of Hope: Seaway Spring Gathering

Our world needs hope in these troubled times. We will spend the day building resilience and interconnection in ourselves, our faith communities, and beyond.

Friday Gould Discourse: Growing Souls in Congregations, presented by Leah Purcell, CRE

Leah is the Director of Religious Education and Family Ministry at the First  UU Society of  Albany. She is a national leader among religious educators.

This event will happen virtually. Date and time TBA

Saturday Keynote: Building Safety in the Body, presented by Rev. Megan Visser, MA, PhD(c).

Paying attention to and caring for our bodies will help us build the resilience we need in these troubled times. Megan draws on her experience as a UU minister and training in Generative Somatics which views trauma and oppression through a holistic lens and uses body based practices to deepen the ability to deep emotion and build resilience as people and leaders. 

April 18, 2020, 10:00 am -12:30 pm. Learn more and register.

Saturday Workshops:

Politics and Religion 2020: Liberal Religious Advocacy in NYS with Rev. Dick Gilbert, Robb Smith, Rev. Sam Trumbore and Peggy Sherman. This workshop will be sharing how the work of Interfaith impact is transitioning and out of that transition will come a UU State Advocacy Network. 

This event will happen virtually. Date and time TBA.

United States

For more information contact cer@uua.org.

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