Triennial History Convocation
Triennial History Convocation
2019-10-17 00:00:00
2019-10-20 23:59:59
Thursday, October 17, 2019 to Sunday, October 20, 2019

Type of event: Public Event

Sponsor: Unitarian Universalist History and Heritage Society, Inc.

The fourth triennial History Convocation, jointly sponsored by the UU History and Heritage Society and Collegium and Murray Grove Association will be held on October 17-20, 2019 at the Maritime Conference Center outside of Baltimore, MD.

Baltimore was chosen in recognition of the 200th Anniversary of the seminal sermon preached by William Ellery Channing entitled “Unitarian Christianity” (and better known as the Baltimore Sermon) on May 5, 1819.  And Baltimore is not far from Murray Grove in New Jersey where John Murray preached the first recorded Universalist sermon in the new world on September 30, 1770.

Inspired by this, the broad theme of the Convocation will be origins:

Origins of Unitarianism, Universalism, and Unitarian Universalism in America: Liberal Religious Thought and Practice (William Ellergy Channing, John Murray and Hosea Ballou)

Details and registration will be coming later in the year.


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Maritime Conference Center
Baltimore, MD
United States

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