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Opportunities for Connection ~ October 2017

UU White Supremacy Teachin 2

Upcoming Events

  • CER Networking Calls 2021


    From Central East Regional Group
    Join us for the Third Monday of the Month Networking calls with Rev. Megan Foley.
  • CER BIPOC Gatherings January 25


    From Central East Regional Group
    Join us for twice a month gatherings for BIPOC members of congregations.
  • System Theory learning opportunity


    System Theory will ground this learning experience and aid religious professionals to apply these learnings to their own professional context.
  • Board Development


    From Pacific Western Region
    Event: PWR Board Development: Leading in These Times. Training for 2020-21, leading when you're not sure where you'll end up.
  • Congregational Leaders Check-In Jan 27


    From MidAmerica Events
    We will respond directly to the challenges that congregations are encountering during this time of finding new ways to be in religious community.

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Featured Resource: UUWhiteSupremacyTeachIn

In the last few weeks, Unitarian Universalists have responded alongside interfaith and activist partners with love and resistance to overt white supremacists in Charlottesville and across the country. In April, May, and June, 682 of the 1,038 UU congregations–and 32 other UU communities–held UU White Supremacy Teach-ins.
Through public witness, education, and introspection, our faith is coming to understand that fighting white supremacy means both resisting its most blatant forms “out there,” and disrupting its systemic manifestations within.
The first round of teach-ins brought moments of triumph, awkwardness, fierce debate, powerful revelations, joy and pain for Unitarian Universalists of color, and much more. The Teach-In team again calls our siblings in faith to action to continue the work of growth and learning. On Sunday, October 15th or Sunday, October 22nd, join together with UU communities nationwide in Part Two of the UU White Supremacy Teach-in. Our power and reach are magnified when we come together.
Read the full letter. Find resources and learn more at

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Roundtables for Congregational Leaders Provide Learning, Support

Last year the Central East Region created a President's and Congregational Leaders Roundtable or monthly webinar for congregational presidents and leaders to come together to learn and support each other. That group met monthly September through June.
That experiment was so successful, this year we are offering two leadership roundtables.

  • The President and Congregational Leaders Roundtable will continue this year on the fourth Wednesday of the month and is hosted by Rev. David Pyle, CER Governance Program Manager.
  • New this year is Money Matters, a learning community for those engaged in the finances of our congregations hosted by Patricia Infante, CER Stewardship Program Manager. This one meets on the second Monday of every month.

We invite anyone who is interested in attending either of these online events to do so. You can find the detailed information on our calendar or click on the link in the webinar listing below.

Rev. Joan Van Becelaere

Better Together Blog: Defending Our Freedom of Religion For All

“People say, what is the sense of our small effort? They cannot see that we must lay one brick at a time, take one step at a time.” I remember these words of Dorothy Day as I think about the work we must do- all of the small and large steps we must take – to end hatred and bigotry in our nation. And the small victories that we celebrate, such as the recent cancellation of the ACT for America anti-Muslim rallies. The cancellation of these anti-Muslim, Islamophobic rallies is one small step toward building the inclusive, welcoming society we dream about.
Read the rest of the article

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It's Not Too Late to Register for Fall Semester at UU Leadership Institute

The Core Leadership Courses are an online version of Leadership School and are designed to integrate newer leaders with current leaders by learning together! We provide materials so that you can self-organize your congregation or cluster for an in-person workshop where you can learn from one another, no matter which level course you are taking!

  • Faithful Membership: For new members and those interested in possible leadership. Covers covenant, healthy communication and boundaries, shared ministry, and stewardship. Also provides an introduction to congregational polity, UU theologies, and the wider UU movement.
  • Healthy Leadership: Includes family and other systems thinking applied to congregations. (Similar to Healthy Congregations®) Learn healthy leadership practices, communication and conflict skills, the importance of being mission-focused and how to communicate across differences.
  • Strategic Leadership: Develop a deeper understanding of how to focus your congregation on mission, build trust and develop a cohesive leadership team. Learn about stewardship, strategic planning, annual goal setting and ministry assessment and the basics of congregational governance.
  • Adaptive Leadership: Develop advanced leadership skills that will help identify challenges. Learn how to help others see challenges in new ways, empower others and find creative solutions together. This course includes working on a case study with other participants.

We offer many additional courses on UU History, UU Identity, Stewardship, Membership, Intercultural Skills, Transgender Awareness and more! Visit for a full list.

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News from the UUA

Do you have employees? The Office of Church Staff Finances has created a Benefits Tune-up Workbook to help congregations make sure they are operating within the rules of the UUA benefits plan. Learn more at the OCSF's webpages.

Courage for Racial Justice, Courage for Collective Liberation Training, February 17, 2018 sponsored by the Southern and MidAmerica Regions in Louisville, KY. Unitarian Universalist and Social Justice Facilitator, Chris Crass will offer a one day workshop entitled "Courage for Racial Justice, Courage for Collective Liberation." Workshop will begin with brief worship and include small and large group discussions, storytelling from preselected congregations, theological reflection, and participatory exercise. Concluding segment will focus on "What are you bringing back to your congregation?" and "How will you be accountable for your plan?" Workshop will close with "Revival for Racial Justice" testimonials. The purpose of this workshop is to help build SJ communities and cultures rooted in UU values with the courage to do racial justice work. Focus will be on encouraging activism and leaders, building capacity, and putting UU congregations in touch with one another.

New publications from the UUA - The following new publications are now available: Worship That Works: Theory and Practice for Unitarian Universalists, Second Edition.  Visit the Publications Page for details.

The UUA is hiring for several positions. Find job descriptions and application information at their Job Openings webpage.

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