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Help End Mass Incarceration in Ohio June 10-17

We Can Help End Mass Incarceration in Ohio



In 2018, Ohio holds center stage in the national effort to win criminal justice reform with the introduction of  Ohio’s Safe and Healthy ballot initiative.  Passing the ballot initiative will retroactively reduce drug possession felony convictions to misdemeanors, freeing thousands of people currently in jail, preventing recidivism through parole reform, and decriminalizing drug possession so that no more people will be warehoused in the name of the war on drugs.  Moments like these don’t happen every day but our time is NOW! Ohio needs us to activate our networks in Ohio and in adjacent states and pray with actions in getting this initiative on the ballot so that we can dismantle mass incarceration! The week of June 10-17 is our CALL TO ACTION!

Getting this ballot initiative on the ballot and getting it passed will be a game changer, not just for Ohio but for the national conversation and it will serve as a model for other states. We need over 500,000 signatures to make this happen!  We are on our way but still need 15,000 more signatures by July 1st.

UUs for Justice in Ohio (UUJO) is organizing to get this ballot initiative passed. The UUA is also supporting this work through our participation in the Interfaith Organizing Initiative and our Love Resists Campaign.  Together we are supporting the Ohio Organizing Collaborative, a black-led front-line community organization that is working on the ballot initiative as part of a broader strategy to organize their community for justice and dismantle white supremacy. SURJ (Showing Up for Racial Justice) is also supporting this effort with organizers and volunteers. The UUA  will have organizer Brittini Gray, who works with the UUA’s Congregational Advocacy & Witness Office & Love Resists, on the ground in Ohio. Will you come volunteer for all or part of the week of June 10-17? If you can come with a partner or a team that will be best, but we’ll match you up with an in-state team no matter whether you come on your own or in a group.

Strategy Overview: Closing Out Ring Counties

During the week of June 10-17, 100 out-of-state allies will meet in Columbus and join in-state teams to close out the ring counties bordering Cincinnati, Dayton, Columbus, Akron, and Cleveland. We will kick-off with a Training Praxis: political education on talking points and how to canvass THEN volunteers will deploy for six days of canvassing in the ring counties.

SIGN-UP: JUNE 10- 17  WEEK OF ACTION SIGN-UPWhether you can come for the whole week or just one day your help is needed and appreciated.

For five days during the Week of Action, we will train partners and Ohioans together before canvasses on nonviolent direct action and centering practices in preparation for collecting signatures in the most socially and politically segregated counties in the state. In addition to canvassing, we need people to do data verification, making sure that people who sign are registered voters. 

We'll finish the week off with two days of signature collection at Columbus's Pride Festival, an event that typically draws close to 1,000,000 people.

In addition to signing up above with Ohio Organizing Collaborative, please also fill out this short form for UUs Coming to Ohio https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeiGUTcpdDAemg1dws3pCgCSpGMkBPt4u6FTRfdve5nK2jauQ/viewform so that we can keep you connected. You'll also find an FAQ there about the Week of Action.