CER Staff Offer Networking Sessions
CER Staff Offer Networking Sessions
CER Congregation Networking Calls, Mondays at 4, Tuesdays at 6:30, Wednesdays at 5 and 6, Fridays at 1 eastern time.

We know that the last two months have been difficult for all our congregations. But you have risen to the challenge and your regional staff are amazed at what you have achieved and how you have pulled together to support each other and your members. We are in turn consolidating and enhancing our offerings through the summer to maximize our support of your work. We’re here to help you work through the challenges facing you as you look down the road to the next church year.

Starting June 1 we will be moving to weekly drop in calls for all congregational leaders hosted by one or more of our staff. While we are basing these by geographic cluster, we are open to anyone attending any date/time that works best for you. Branch out and make new friends, or stay local and get to know the neighbors! The schedule is (all times are Eastern):

  • Mondays at 4 pm with Megan Foley, mfoley [at] uua [dot] org (Capital Cluster & Northern VA)
  • Tuesdays at 6:30 pm with Patricia Infante, pinfante [at] uua [dot] org and Paula Cole Jones, pcolejones [at] uua [dot] org (Greater Philly & Central PA)
  • Wednesdays at 5 pm with Sunshine Wolfe, swolfe [at] uua [dot] org and Renee Ruchtozke, rruchotzke [at] uua [dot] org (Ohio & Western PA)
  • Wednesdays at 6 pm with Patricia Infante, pinfante [at] uua [dot] org, Paula Cole Jones, pcolejones [at] uua [dot] org, Evin Carvill-Ziemer, eziemer [at] uua [dot] org and Hope Johnson, hjohnson [at] uua [dot] org (Northeast PA, New Jersey, NYC, LIAC, MetroNorth)
  • Fridays at 1 pm with Evin Carvill-Ziemer, eziemer [at] uua [dot] org and Renee Ruchotzke, rruchotzke [at] uua [dot] org (Upstate NY)
  • Join by going to https://uua.zoom.us/j/98736004337, do note that this meeting requires a password, please contact any staff member to receive it.

For more information contact cer@uua.org.

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