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How To Answer the Question: Who Is Our Neighbor?

Link2Lead Introduction

Learn how Link2Lead can help your congregation.

Many people who join our congregations learn about us through programs other than Sunday worship. They may have come to an AA meeting, a yoga class or a lecture.

Each one of our congregations have a ministry context – the neighborhood and community where our church is located. If we knew more about our neighbors, we could be intentional about offering programming that meets the real needs of the community.

One of the services the Central East Region offers is the Link2Lead Demographic Data “Ministry Area Profile.”

How is it useful? Here is an example:

You have seen more and more young adults at coffee shops in your community, but none are coming to your church. Your ministry area profile confirms your observation that this age group is trending toward growth in your area. It also shows that people in that age group are interested in climate change and gardening. Your Green Sanctuary group plans a film series and does a media blitz on Meet-Up, Facebook and with fliers at local coffee shops. Several new young adults come to the film series and get to know members of your congregation.