Is Your Congregation Participating in the #WhiteSupremacyTeachIn?
Is Your Congregation Participating in the #WhiteSupremacyTeachIn?

More than half of all Unitarian Universalist congregations are joining the #WhiteSupremacyTeachIn. Is your congregation one of them? If not, are you wondering what exactly this is?

Here is an overview from the Black Lives UU webpage for the Teach In:

On Sunday, April 30 or Sunday, May 7, or whatever date works for your congregation, a large, growing group of Unitarian Universalists will shift their regularly scheduled Sunday morning worship to participate in a teach-in on racism and white supremacy. On these two Sundays, you and your UU community will be participating with thousands of UUs around the country in this large-scale historic action.

This call to action and worship comes from a growing network of UUs--religious professionals and and lay leaders from both within and outside congregations--led by UUs of color and white UUs working together.

Over the past few weeks, many have been responding to calls by UUs of color to look critically *within* our faith communities--including hiring practices, power brokers, and cultural habits--for the ways racism, sexism, and white supremacy live.

Why change your worship plan? Many of us work in congregations, and know that such shifts require work and can challenge our comfort levels. That’s precisely why we feel it’s important. We believe that hundreds of UU churches signaling to their own members and to the larger community that “our faith takes racism seriously, especially within our own walls” will push our faith toward the beloved community we all seek.

Whether your UU community has dozens of members and children of color, or just about everyone is white, the commitment to combat white supremacy must be strong and urgent. Battling racism in its many forms is not easy. Everyone has to start somewhere, and it takes a commitment to disrupt business as usual.

It's not too late to join in. Need help? the Black Lives UU website has a list of resources and has had webinars to assist folks with the planning - you can listen to the ones that have past. Worship resources are now available thanks to Kenny Wiley.

If your congregation is not participating, a map of those who are is on the Black Lives UU website. If your congregation is participating, please make sure you add your name to the list.

The UUA endorses the Teach In and other efforts to move us closer to truly inclusive community.  If you have questions, please get in touch with your CER Primary Contact.

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