Worship Resources for Congregations 2023

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Is your worship team in need of resources to help with planning your worship services? Crafting meaningful worship takes time and energy, and often much of that time is finding that right hymn or reading or story. Here are some websites your congregation can use to help with planning worship services and finding those resources more quickly.

First and foremost, we highly recommend you become familiar with WorshipWeb. WorshipWeb is a part of the UUA website and has a collection of readings, story, sermons and even entire services for worship committees to use in their worship services. You can search by topic, keyword, part of the service (ie chalice lighting, benediction, opening words), holiday or author. It even has images you can use on a variety of topics.

WorshipWeb includes recommendations about copyright and music use, links to recorded music you can use for a small fee or for free if streaming your service, a full list of all the songs in the hymnal and the copyright restrictions for each song. The WorshipLab is an area were you can watch videos and learn about the art of creating worship. If you really want to hone your worship skills, the UU Institute class Worship for Transformation can be helpful.

So you now have resources and you have a class, but what about that Sunday when you just need something to fill in? Or you don't have a sermon to build the service around?

We have help with that too!

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If you just need sermon and want to add your own readings, etc or use those recommended by the person providing the sermon, consider subscribing to our yearly Sermon Series. This series provides you with one sermon per month for 12 months along with recommended hymns and readings for the cost of one speaker coming in to do a service. You can use the sermons whenever you want, you don't need to use them in a particular month or date. Not sure if that's something you want to do? Check out the archive from last year, which is now available for free.

There are some full services available on the UUA website as well. The services include topics on re-imaging Thanksgiving, stewardship, Side with Love Sunday and covenant. You'll also find collections of videos on change and the Flower Communion you can put together into your own service. General Assembly Sunday services are linked on this page as well and are available for congregations to use.

The Worship Service Resources Video Playlist on the Central East Region YouTube channel has several recorded sermons as well as a few readings, children's stories and more by your Central East Regional staff members.

We hope that these resources allow you to create deep, meaningful worship. If you find you need more assistance finding things, or just want to ask some questions, please reach out to your primary contact.