Worship Resources for Congregations

A pile of hymnals, Serving with Grace and a Chalice

As we head into spring and many start thinking about hybrid and in person services restarting or increasing, making the worship planning easier with these resources will help take some of the pressure off. So we offer once again a list of worship resources for congregations to use.

In some cases these are complete, fully recorded services you can just click play and be done. In others, we've provided all the elements you need so you can put together all the parts to match your congregation's Sunday morning. In a few cases, there is no video but you can find readings and resources on a variety of topics to fit your service needs.

The Worship Service Resources Video Playlist on the Central East Region YouTube channel has several recorded sermons as well as a few readings, children's stories and more. We are adding more to this over the next couple of months so keep checking back. Sermons come with a list of recommended hymns and readings in the description. We do ask that you give appropriate credit to the presenter and that you properly compensate and/or credit musicians, etc whose work are used in the service following the guidelines on the UUA's WorshipWeb pages.

What if I Only Had 30 Days to Love , the 2022 Side with Love Service from February. If you missed this, it's now available for use in congregations. You can download the entire service or each piece as you need it.

Upcoming: “Get Rooted, Get Ready!” Earth Day Worship Service on April 22 Livestream at 9am PT / 10 MT / 11 CT / 12 ET, Also Available for Congregational Use
When you imagine pathways to embodying the inherent worth and dignity of all people, particularly climate migrants, what do you see? Who is with you on in this journey to realign our values and practices with justice? What transforms and gives way to new beginnings? Who and/or what are you accountable to along the way? Join UU Ministry for Earth for a special Earth Day worship service exploring these questions in a collective journey on the pathways to being rooted and ready for climate justice. This program will include a special collection for the UU Ministry for Earth – donations are encouraged and received with deep gratitude. Visit the UU Ministry for Earth website for details.

Need bits and pieces to complete your service (readings, music, etc)? - check out WorshipWeb on the UUA website. What can you find there:

The UUA offered a couple of complete worship services last year as well. If you didn’t use them, now may be the time:

And just a reminder we are hearing that what many are looking for, as we gather back in person, is time to be together in community again. So be sure to remember to leave the space that many want for that as well.

As always if you have questions or need help finding any resources, please reach out to your primary contact.