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Welcome to Better Together!

Several years ago, the OMD staff had a blog where we wrote about issues facing the district once a week. Over a year ago we decided to stop writing the blog because there were so many other UU blogs out there.

But times have changed. Ohio-Meadville and St. Lawrence are sharing many projects and events (including District Assembly) and share many of our staff across the border. We are finding the need to have an outlet to share our thoughts on a variety of topics facing us today as districts and a region.

So Better Together  has been born.

Each week on Monday afternoon you will find a posting here from one of our six staff members. They are:

  • Rev. Joan Van Becelaere, OMD District Executive and CERG Regional Lead
  • Rev. Chris Neilson, Congregational Consultant for St. Lawrence District and CERG Stewardship Consultant
  • Karen LoBracco, Lifespan Faith Development Consultant for both the OMD and the SLD
  • Evin Carvill-Ziemer, Program Consultant for the OMD overseeing youth, young adults and social justice and Youth Coordinator for the SLD
  • Beth Casebolt, OMD District Administrator and CERG Communications Consultant
  • Sue Tabone, SLD District Administrator

Together we hope to answer your questions and spark some discussion on various issues facing our districts today. Please leave your comments in the comments section or send an email to us to ask us your questions or share your point of view.

Stay tuned for more!

Beth Casebolt