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Want to Grow? Time to Adapt!

UU Leadership Institute

Is your congregation looking to be relevant in a culture where most mainstream white religions are in decline? Many UU congregations are growing, even areas that have declined economically. What is their “secret sauce?”

It’s as simple as congregational health, a sense of purpose, open communication, and covenantal community.

And it’s as complicated as congregational health, a sense of purpose, open communication, and covenantal community. These are not things learned in a single workshop or by reading a single book. They are processes—ways of being in the world. These are not skills that a single leader can gain and take to their congregation. They are group skills that are best learned by a critical mass of the congregation (20% or so) learning together.

The UUA has made it easy and affordable for your congregational leaders to learn together, taking core leadership courses as a group, and then using what you learned by applying it to case studies and other activities.

  • Faithful Leadership is a great beginning course, covering how our history, theology and polity inform our faith communities.
  • Centered Leadership focuses on healthy relationships and communications, developing a shared sense of purpose, and how to lead through a change.
  • Strategic Leadership is for boards, strategic planning committees, bylaws task forces, etc. helping you lead strategically through governing documents and processes.
  • Adaptive Leadership helps leaders develop a more nuanced view of the congregation as a system during uncertain times.

The courses each have 8 sessions. They open every 2 weeks, and each participant will get an email when each new module is open. The cost is only $30 per course per semester per participant. There is a combination of YouTube video presentations by UUA Congregational Life staff and guests, as well as readings and links to more resources.

The first module opens January 26, 2018, so you have plenty of time to enroll!