UUA Stewardship Team - Finding Stewardship Help for Your Congregation
UUA Stewardship Team - Finding Stewardship Help for Your Congregation

This blog kicks off a three week series on Stewardship connected to our November Up Close issue.

This week we will look at the changes happening in the Stewardship office of the UUA and where you can find the resources you need. This Friday the November issue of Up Close will come out featuring three congregations with successful stewardship programs. Next week we will feature two more congregations with innovative stewardship programs here and the following week we'll finish up with one more congregational feature and some resources to help congregations learn more.

Who are the stewardship consultants now serving on The Stewardship Team?

Barry Finkelstein, Mark Ewert, Bill Clontz

How do congregations contact the Stewardship Team?

If congregations have an existing relationship with Barry, Mark or Bill, it is fine to reach out to them directly.

If your congregation is reaching out for the first time, or in a long time, please contact your primary contact to help you get connected. Fnd out who your primary contact is.

Where can I or congregations find out more information about the service offered by The Stewardship Team? What services is The Stewardship Team providing?

Two basic types: Major annual budget drives and capital campaign consulting & targeted support services to regional teams (as well as other UUA staff)

As in the past, The Stewardship Team will offer major, UU-specific consulting services to support congregations with annual budget drives and capital campaigns. Congregations will continue to contract directly with The Stewardship Team for these services. In conversation with UUA staff, The Stewardship Team will update and adapt these major consulting services to better serve congregations of all sizes as well as “beyond communities.”

The Stewardship Team also provides targeted service to our regional teams of staff. Examples of these targeted services include:

  • Coaching, mentoring, and stewardship training for Congregational Life & other UUA staff as requested.
  • Tailored stewardship support to cluster and learning circle activities.
  • Tailored stewardship support to emerging groups and "beyond" efforts.
  • Stewardship workshops (in coordination with and along with CL Staff) at district, regional and associational (GA) gatherings and leadership development events.
  • Webinar workshops as requested by Regional teams.
  • Stewardship information and training resources Regional and/or Congregational Life webpage archives.
  • Monthly stewardship blog produced by the team specifically developed for the UU community.
  • Support, coaching and collaboration regarding the implementation of GIFT models.

For more information contact cer@uua.org.

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