Summer Programs in the Region

Virtual Summer Camps, CERSI, and UU Mid-Atlantic Community

As things change daily with COVID-19 and vaccines, our summer programs are taking different approaches to how to meet this summer. Summer Institute and UUMAC will both be meeting virtually this year.

Summer Institute, meeting virtually July 11- 16. Theme: Food for the Soul.
We have a delicious menu of SI tidbits and treats – old traditions and new – ready for you and your family! You will find opportunities to connect with friends and meet new folks, to refresh and renew your spirituality, to think and learn, and to have some fun! We have built on what went well last year and are offering an exciting selection of tasty SI samples in anticipation of our in-person event in 2022 at Cal U. Register and learn more at their website.

UU Mid-Atlantic Community, meeting virtually July 11-31. Theme: Communities within Community.
Theme speaker is Paula Cole-Jones speaking on Communities within Community. Minister of the Month is Rev. Elias Ortega.
Over the decades UUMAC has become many things to many people: a spiritual retreat, time for reflection and celebration, a reunion with friends, a time to revel in a community of fun-loving and like-hearted people of all ages. From the Talent Show and Open Mic, to sharing our stories and experiences during the lay-led evening vespers services, UUMAC has many ways for us to connect and grow together. Events for children, youth, and adults will happen throughout the three weeks as we build our
community of communities. Register and learn more at their website.

Murray Grove will be offering two in person camps this summer, check their website for details.

The Annual Sophia Lyons Fahs camp, sponsored by the Long Island UU Council is also planning to be in person this year. Dates are August 22-28, 2021 at Camp Echo in ​Burlingham, NY. Learn more at their website.

Camp Unirondack is planning for a full summer schedule this year with modifications to the programming including outdoor eating and activities. You can find their policies and schedule on the Camp Unirondack schedule.

Several clusters and congregations also have summer camps in the works, please check their websites for details or see the congregation and cluster calendar.