Our Kids and the Klimate!
Our Kids and the Klimate!

This blog was submitted by the Mt. Vernon Unitarian Church.

On January 7, the Mt. Vernon Unitarian Church (MVUC) CAT (Climate Action Team) Education group organized a Kids and Klimate! Day for young people from PreK to 12th grade. This special focus on climate awareness took the place of regular RE classes for the day. Thirty-three kids participated in three groupings.

The youngest kids focused on Trees, the Life Givers with a special emphasis on rainforest trees. This included a story reading of The Great Kapok Tree, dancing to ‘Everything Made of Wood,’ and tree interviews. The middle group explored Recycle Know-how by learning where recycling fits into the 5 Rs, participating in a Recycle relay, an online Recycling game, and the creation of art from a variety of recycled materials. The teens occupied the kitchen to delve into Why A Plant-based Diet? They prepared three delicious dishes and ate them during a discussion about different aspects of our climate challenge.

Kids and adult leaders alike had fun with these explorations!

A group of youth learning about plant based diets around a table.

A group of youth learn about plant based diets.

class of youth making art trees

Children making trees as part of the Kids and Klimate! Day's activities.

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