Looking for Summer Fun? Try UUMAC

Dancing people at UUMAC

Joining in the full at UUMAC - the UU Mid-Atlantic Community.

UUMAC, or the Unitarian Universalist Mid-Atlantic Community, gathers together for one week each year to build community and deepen our Unitarian Universalist faith through fun, friendship, music, dancing, learning and worship. We are an intergenerational community that uses this time to more thoroughly get to know each other and ourselves.

Each year offers different workshops - here is what is on tap for this year!

Yoga: Each morning, we engage our bodies and minds in the ancient and healing practice of Yoga

Slam Poetry: A chance for everyone to both study what makes Slam Poetry, and to create their own unique experience and style!

Play: Science, History, and Experience: Play is an integral part of the human experience. It’s how we learn as children and how we bond as adults. In this workshop, we will spend a little bit of time learning about the history and different purposes of play and its effect on our brains and our relationships, and a lot more time experiencing play in many of its forms!

The Long Strange Trip: The First 1800 years of Unitarian History: We will watch video clips which highlight various people, ideas, and events in Unitarian history. We will cover early ideas deemed to be heresies, the Protestant reformation, and American Unitarianism.

Intuitive Development: Are you curious about what goes on when a psychic does a reading? Are you curious about your own intuitive gifts? This workshop is an introduction to various types of psychic/intuitive gifts, development of your own intuition, using your intuition in daily life, tools for divination, and ethical considerations in giving an intuitive reading. Tracy has worked as an intuitive reader for ten years.

You Can Be an Artist: Have you always wanted to create but thought you weren't creative? I truly believe that everyone is creative. It’s a matter of a supportive environment, cool supplies and a little instruction. In this workshop you will make mixed media art from found objects, reclaimed wood, paint, paper, inks, etc. Mixed media has limitless possibilities. Express yourself artistically and have fun hanging out and supporting each other. You will be amazed at the beautiful things you will create.

Slam Poetry: Poetry in its earliest forms was an oral tradition. Somehow, the idea of poetry many of us grew up with became dead, dignified authors sedately penning rhymes in flowery language we struggled to understand. Slam poetry returns poetry to its oral roots, infusing it with enthusiasm and vitality. Join us as we create our own poems and work to develop our own performance style.

RE is provided during workshops!

Each afternoon, we engage in a variety of off-campus activities for all ages and interests. These activities include Moravian Museum: 1741 Gemeinhaus, Dutch Springs Water Park, Hiking Hawk Mountain Sanctuary, Museum of Indian Culture, Columcille Megalith Park, Laser Tag, Pennsylvania Shakespeare Festival, Whitewater Rafting, Local pool event, Wine tasting, Carnival Day! and Putt U Mini Golf.

Registration will open soon on the UUMAC website and Early Bird registration will be open until April 17.