Juneteenth Celebrations
Juneteenth Celebrations

JUNETEENTH is a time for reflecting and rejoicing. From its Galveston, TX origin in 1865, the African American Emancipation Day has spread across the United States, and beyond.

CER has at least four congregations that host Juneteenth celebrations: First Unitarian Brooklyn, where I first learned about Juneteenth; the Community Church of New York UU; and the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Central Nassau (UUCCN); and the Community UU Congregation at White Plains. Each celebrates in its own way.

At UUCCN’s recent 13th Annual Juneteenth celebration! Southern Dinner and Commemoration Program began with the Maafa (Holocaust of African Enslavement) through the early days of slavery, to the Movement (the civil rights era) from Selma to Garden City, and beyond. Matt Watroba, Detroit’s Number 1 Folk Musician; and Brenda Carpenter, Storyteller brought the Juneteenth to life. Events like this offer opportunities for congregations to get together. Eight UU congregations attended along with representatives from the community.

How can we bring congregations together? What can we do to connect more directly with “the community.” We really are better together.

Yours, HOPE

Rev. Dr. Hope Johnson
Congregational Consultant
Central East Region

Also serving as Minister,
UUCCN, Garden City, NY

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  • Hope Johnson will serve as Congregational Life Consultant for the UUA's Central East Region and the Southern Region. She brings specialties in conflict resolution and multicultural congregational development. She is the former minister of UU Congregation of Central Nassau, NY,...

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