It Takes a Village

By Beth Casebolt

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We all think we live our lives independent of everything around us. And for the most part we do. Until something totally unexpected happens. Then, I can tell you, we are very grateful for the village that's there to help us out.

This is what happened to me last Friday. Friday evening, as my husband and I were leaving our home to attend convocation at the university campus where he teaches, we received a phone call. His mother, who is 71 and busier and more energetic than the energizer bunny had a heart attack. Please come to West Virginia right away. On the trip down we got several more calls - the situation was worse than expected. The heart attack was severe. She had coded in the ambulance on the way to the hospital. Upon arrival we were told it was touch and go.

At this point I knew the next several days were not going to be work days for me. I started sending text messages and emails to Joan and the staff team. Things were taken off my plate. Some stepped up to run meetings for me, others handled online requests that I usually take care of. Some things were deemed not a priority and placed on the back burner. Folks sent messages of support and offered assistance. One even offered to come to West Virginia and sit with us in the CCU waiting room. The staff team for OMD and SLD as well as our CERG staff team stepped in and helped out.

I cannot tell you how much it helped knowing that my teammates had my back. That things would not fall through the cracks while my attention was on my husband and his mother. And how much it helped knowing that one simple text message could take care of covering something I had just remembered. This is what being part of a team means. Helping each other to make sure everything gets taken care of. Covering things when the unexpected happens.

I am very grateful that I work with a staff team that steps up to the plate and cares for each other the way ours does. And yes, it truly does take a village.

Beth Casebolt
OMD District Administrator & CERG Communications Consultant

About the Author

Beth Casebolt

Beth Casebolt is the Operations Manager and Communications Consultant for the Central East Region. Prior to regionalization she served as the District Administrator for the Ohio-Meadville District, a position she held since November 2007. She is very interested in social media and website design.

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