Introducing Paula Cole Jones

Paula Cole Jones

Paula Cole Jones

We are delighted to announce that Paula Cole Jones will be joining the Central East Regional staff for one year as field staff, to fill in for Rev. David Pyle as he deploys to the Middle East. Paula is a lifelong UU who has been serving our faith for decades, and we are looking forward to having this year of partnership with her. She will begin work with us on August 13th and will be with us until August 2019.

Paula Cole Jones is a management consultant and group facilitator and has worked in non-profit organizations and for both the federal and local government. She began her career in natural resources and soon found that her passion lay in inspiring people to work for change. She believes that we can do most of what we, as a group, agree upon. Give her a group of people, and she will give you a result.

Paula is a lifelong member of All Souls Church, Unitarian in Washington, DC. Her professional work within the Unitarian Universalist community spans 20 years. She has had a wide range of opportunities at the district, regional and national levels of the UUA. Many of you may know her for her work in racial and social justice. It is rare to get hands-on experience working with so many different parts of an organization. These experiences contribute to her institutional knowledge and have provided her a deep and wide reserve from which to draw.

She served six years with the Joseph Priestley District and now returns as a staff member of the Central East Region. She looks forward to working more closely with ministers, lay leaders and congregations for the coming year, and renewing old connections and forming new ones.

In serving UU congregations, she is committed to preserving the health, diverse membership, culture, progressive values, justice ministries and community relations of the church for generations to come.

Paula served on the board of the UUA’s Skinner House Books and her writing has appeared in several publications. She co-authored the 8th Principle for Unitarian Universalists.

She is a former competitive martial artist and a certified research scuba diver. Paula likes good music, travel, movies and flowers. You can reach Paula at