Help First UU Society of Marietta Sponsor Interfaith Dialogues
Help First UU Society of Marietta Sponsor Interfaith Dialogues

A Minister, a Rabbi and an Imam walk into a bar...  We’ve all heard it but this time it’s not a joke. Pastor Don McKenzie, Rabbi Ted Falcon and Sheikh Jamal Rahman were brought together by 9/11. “The Three Amigos”, as they call themselves, provide an entertaining presentation designed to bring people together, while respecting each other’s differences. Their approach to inclusive spirituality provides a foundation for personal and communal healing. They start with the premise, “Everyone’s truth is true.” They add that “To try to convince someone of something else, is a significant waste of time.” They begin their conversation with this question, “You mean there is nothing I can possibly say that would influence your belief? That's how it is with me too. Now let’s talk.”

We are excited to welcome the Interfaith Amigos to Appalachia, an area that is among the least diverse culturally, religiously, and ethnically in the US.  Our goal is to build personal connections with those of different faiths, increasing understanding of faith traditions outside of our own, enhancing thirst for information and gaining a greater sense of welcoming and acceptance.

As our area becomes more diverse, there is a pressing need to learn about the growing number of residents coming into our community. Even more important is to get to know some of them personally so that our fears, suspicions, prejudices, and pre-conceived notions can be re-evaluated in the light of genuine friendship.  We must not only build bridges to newcomers, but also seek to understand the faith that these persons hold dear. We could all benefit from the sincere engagement of interfaith dialogue.

This project involves:

  • Four public presentations presented at Marietta College and Ohio University (2 each), Nov 10-12, 2017
  • A new course called Interfaith Dialogue: Finding Common Ground at Marietta College as part of the Institute for Learning in Retirement, including a visit to Arab-American Museum in 2018
  • A film Festival focused on interfaith issues
  • A coalition of local book clubs reading books on the interfaith issues
  • Interfaith Religious Education taught at local churches
  • “Getting to the Heart of Interfaith” added to the essential reading list at the Marietta Reads
  • The World Religions course adding interfaith dialogue and visits to a mosque and synagogue
  • Articles on interfaith dialogue released to the local media during and after the event
  • The office of student engagement to plan and conduct interfaith service projects in Marietta
  • Marietta College Bookstore purchasing 200 copies of “Getting to the Heart of Interfaith”
  • Establishing local interfaith dialogue groups throughout the area
  • Continued service projects and incorporation of interfaith dialogue in local college courses

We already have raised over $10,000 and need an additional $4,000. Please consider helping us make this a successful event! Learn more and donate at the Faithify website.

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