Attending GA? Attend Webinars with the UUA Board!

Prepare for Ga 2022. Join the Board's Webinars. Pre-register now!

General Assembly can be an amazing experience, especially in-person but even on line. It can also be overwhelming to those who haven't attended before, or who haven't attend in a while. For those who have attended General Assembly many times and consider themselves old hats, some of our procedures have changed in recent years, making it a different experience.

To help everyone, those attending for the first time and those returning for the upteenth time, the UUA Board is offering a series of webinars to help folks learn how this will work and prepare for what they will experience. This will be particularly important this year since we'll be multi-platform, which requires that we make some changes to our usual procedures.

The webinars cover a range of topics and will feature members of the UUA board with some occasional guests. Pre-registration is required.

If you are attending General Assembly this year in person or online, do check these out and sign up for what will be most useful to you in your role as a delegate or a participant. Can't make these dates? They will be recorded. Your Central East Region staff hopes you find these helpful in preparing to be an informed delegate or participant at this year's General Assembly.