First Unitarian Society of Plainfield Historic Window Vandalized
First Unitarian Society of Plainfield Historic Window Vandalized

On November 15, 2015, The First Unitarian Society of Plainfield discovered that it had been vandalized by someone throwing objects at their historic church’s large stained glass window. The Society’s building has been acknowledged by inclusion in the National Historic Registry in 2008. The beautiful Robinson Window, the pride of the 126 year old church, is cracked and broken in several places.

The Robinson Window depicts some of the values of our denomination. The six major religions of the world are illustrated. Circular panels show education, family, industry and people at work:  scientists, musicians, farmers and teachers. The broken panel is unique, a boat in rocky seas, a lighthouse in the distance.

As of now, they don’t know why the church was vandalized. The congregation recently hung a rainbow flag in a nearby window (it used to be in the foyer). In the last couple of weeks, they have added an eye catching outdoor banner that says “Black Lives Matter, All Lives Matter Your Life Matters.”  They don’t know if these statements prompted an attack on their beloved window.

First Unitarian Society is a modest, urban church, blessed with a beautiful building that has served their community for more than 100 years.  The original name of the building was All Souls Church, a fitting name for a place that welcomes everyone.  They will continue to reach out, especially to those who feel as if they have no other recourse but to throw stones.  They will welcome them to Sunday’s worship, hope they join them at Thanksgiving Dinner or attend one of their community service projects, like World Aids Day or a legal services workshop.  The congregation hopes the vandals see they are standing on the side of love and that rocks or rocky seas will not alter their commitment to their community.

If your congregation needs assistance with issues like this please contact your primary contact. If you would like to offer support to the First Unitarian Society of Plainfield, you can post on their Facebook page or contact them through their website.

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