Clusters Offer Opportunities for Collaboration and Learning
Clusters Offer Opportunities for Collaboration and Learning

The geography of Pittsburgh PA is challenging when trying to get from one part of the city to the other. With three rivers, a few tunnels and many bridges, it’s tempting to just stay in one’s own neighborhood. The UUs of Greater Pittsburgh challenged that tendency in the Fall of 2014 by organizing themselves into a cluster, complete with bylaws, board and an annual “Cluster Assembly.” On November 7, they held their 2nd Annual Cluster Assembly at the UU Church of the North Hills.  The energy and quality programming helped them to exceed the attendance of the first cluster assembly – from 70 to over 100 attendees.

One of the reasons was keynote speaker, the Rev. Vail Weller, who was raised in the UU Church of the North Hills and is now the Congregational Giving Director at the Unitarian Universalist Association. You can watch her keynote below.

Rev. Weller’s keynote was preceded by a lovely worship service offered by the ministers and interns of the member churches who elaborated on the “crossing rivers and bridges” theme.

Along with the afternoon workshops, the day included lots of opportunities for congregations to connect and plan for future collaboration.

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