Can't Be In Kansas City? You Can Still Participate in General Assembly!

UUA General Assembly Off-site Participation: Kansas City, Missouri | 2018

If you are unable to attend General Assembly, the UUA's annual business meeting in Kansas City this year, you have other options to participate, including being a delegate. It's not too late to decide to do any of these options!

If you are a delegate for congregation and can't attend in person, you can fully participate in all business meetings including mini-assemblies for General Assembly. Your congregation is still represented and you can help with the decision making process of the association. Others who are not delegate can also register to participate as registered attendees. This allows you to participate and view a select set of workshops in addition to all the public events. You can see the full list of workshops that will be live-streamed on the GA Live-cast Workshops webpage.

Not able to participate as a registered attendee or delegate but still want to participate when you can? Much of GA is live-streamed including all the general (business) sessions, worship services and many of our celebrations. The full list includes the Ware Lecture with Brittany Packnett and Sunday Morning Worship with Rev. Susan Frederick-Gray. See everything that is being live-streamed on the GA 2018 Online webpage.

We encourage congregations to consider live-streaming some of the bigger events for their congregants. If your congregation is interested in doing this please check the UUA's Projecting GA Video at an Event guidelines to help you get it all set up. Some events to consider are the Sunday Morning Worship, which will be Sunday at 9 am Central, 10 am Eastern and the Ware Lecture on Saturday at 7:30 pm Central, 8:30 pm Eastern (when looking at the GA listing of events, do note that all times are Central Time Zone). If your congregation's minister, religious educator or musician is being recognized in the Service of the Living Tradition, you may want to celebrate with them on Thursday at 7 pm Central, 8 pm Eastern. If you have a youth who is bridging to young adulthood, the Synergy Bridging Service is Friday at 4pm Central, 5 pm Eastern. We are the only denomination that recognizes its youth as they bridge at our national meeting, so this is very special event. The opening and closing ceremonies are also streamed.

This year's public witness event is available to off-site folks as well. You can view the live-stream of the "Anatomy of a Bailout" Panel Discussion on Thursday and you can help with the on-site project by purchasing items from the Amazon wish list (not many are left, thanks to all of those who already participated!) and shipping them to the nearby congregation.

Did your congregation do something different? Host a watching party? Team up with the rest of your cluster to have your delegates participate together? Let us know! We're interested in unique ways to participate in GA from off-site.