Congregational Leader Resources

By Central East Region of the UUA

Primary Contact Staff for the Central East Region

If your congregation is like most, this is the time of year that you are experiencing the most leadership changes. New board members, committee chairs and even staff often begin their time with a congregation in July or August, just as the new church year is about to begin.

Helping your leaders get off to a good start with their new roles, or even help your returning leaders brush up their skills is one of the best investments a congregation can make. Leaders need a unique set of skills to successfully navigate leadership in a congregation where you are also a member. The Central East Region and the UUA have a number of resources available to those who are looking for resources to learn more.

First off, please help the UUA and the Central East Region stay in touch with the leaders of your congregation we need YOU to update your leadership information on This is the same place you update your UU World lists. Need help? Let us know or check out the webpage with the details. Please note that you can make these updates at any time. Many congregations hold elections in the spring or late fall, but appoint new committee chairs in summer or early fall. Each event should prompt a review of what is listed in to ensure it is up to date. Staffing changes should also be listed in this location. Making these updates ensures that your folks get the necessary information and resources from the UUA and the region based on their role.

Primary Contacts

The Central East Regional (CER) has a primary contact staff system to ensure our congregations know who to reach out to for assistance. Every CER congregation and community has a UUA Staff Member who serves as your Primary Contact for all services of the region and the UUA. This is someone with whom you can build a close, working relationship, who will have an intimate knowledge of your congregation's blessings and challenges, and can be proactive in helping you to share those blessings and meet those challenges. Your Primary Contact can help you to navigate all the support and opportunities available to your congregation. Find your primary contact now.

Resources for Congregational Leaders

  • Helpful Board Habits - Help your board develop good decision-making processes by developing helpful board habits. This 3-part webinar series (August 16, September 20 and October 11) will help your board develop shared practices in communication and leadership and a shared understanding of your board in congregational governance.There is about an hour of homework before each session so that we can spend our time together in conversations, both in the large group and in small groups with other board members from similarly sized congregations. Cost: $15.
  • Board Member Training - Use this free 12-Part training to onboard new board members, to use as a monthly board in-service training, or for a quick reference during board meetings.
  • Core Leadership Trainings - Every leader needs basic skills such as healthy communication, systems thinking, spiritual grounding and an understanding of the dynamics of conflict. Each of these classes go deeper and deeper to help develop these skills. (“Centered Leadership” 1 & 2 are the equivalent of a week-long leadership school.) Online and on demand.Cost $30/each.
  • LeaderLab - LeaderLab is our comprehensive online library of leadership resources for congregational health and vitality. Need a quick answer? Use our searchable quick-reference library ! Take A Video Tour (YouTube 5:05)

We hope these resources will help your congregation develop strong leaders who are equipped to navigate the times ahead.