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  • And More Congregational Social Justice

    We are still running stories of congregational social justice projects because we received so many great stories!...
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  • More Congregational Social Justice

    This month we are continuing to run social justice stories we received from congregations.
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  • Social Justice Stories Continue

    This month we are publishing stories of congregational social justice work as a way we can inspire each other. This month we have two stories of new projects from smaller congregations....
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  • Columbus Ohio Sponsor Prayer Walk

    We are continuing posts of social justice activities of our congregations this month....
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  • Multigenerational Social Justice

    Each week this month we are featuring social justice stories from various congregations....
    By Evin Carvill Ziemer | 1/5/2015
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  • Can We Hear the Call from Ferguson?

    What do events in Ferguson have to do with the sense of purpose at the core of our congregations?...
    By Joan Van Becelaere | 8/25/2014
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  • Creating Change Together Through Love

    Do you know the history of the Standing on the Side of Love (SSL) Campaign?...
    By Beth Casebolt | 1/20/2014
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  • Networks for Justice

    There are so many open questions about how we can collaborate regionally. One of the ones that's very intriguing to me is how we can work together on social justice. My biggest excitement about this right now is a UUA effort on Reproductive Justice. I know that's not regional,...
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  • What Should I Celebrate?

    Today the USA celebrates Columbus Day and Canadians Thanksgiving. Our US Thanksgiving comes around next month. Both leave me conflicted. Surely I honor the heritage of my husband’s Italian American family, yet Christopher Columbus was a cruel and greedy person. The traditional...
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