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  • What Four Years Has Taught Me

    For the last four years, I have had the honor of serving the congregations of the Central East Region of the UUA, first as the District Executive of the Joseph Priestley District, and then as a Primary Contact and as a specialist in governance, staffing, ministry, and pastoral...
    By David Pyle | 7/9/2018
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  • Sharing Vision Statements

    After developing a vision statement, it can sometimes be difficult to communicate how it should impact the ministry of the congregation. The UU Fellowship of Greater Cumberland created this stunning Vision Visual to help guide that process. They plan to share it at…and post it...
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  • Congregation in “Rust Belt” Increases Pledges 30%

    You don’t have to be in a growing area to see growth and vitality in your congregation. What you do need is energy, focus and a strong sense of purpose. Recently, Andy Crabb, the President of the First Unitarian Church of Youngstown, OH, posted how his congregation had a...
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  • Focused Church

    Who knows why our Central East Region staff decided to schedule our congregational check-ins for February this year? What a surprising opportunity it turned out to be to see how congregations turn from crisis and overwhelm to resolve and commitment....
    By Megan Foley | 3/13/2017
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  • Celebrating 200 Years of Universalism in Western New York

    Many churches celebrate important anniversaries, but it’s rare that congregational historians take a wider view. But when Bill Parke, the Church Historian of the UU Church of Buffalo noted this anniversary, he researched the topic and came up with this lovely display and story...
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  • Leveraging Their Location

    “Wayside Pulpits” have been mainstays at UU congregations for decades. They started out as outside display cases that hold an uplifting quote from a famous sage (or other respected source) printed on heavy poster-sized paper. Some examples are:...
    By Renee Ruchotzke | 8/15/2016
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  • What's Our Business?

    What is our core business – as congregations; as a faith community? There is a lot riding on how we answer that question.
    By Joan Van Becelaere | 9/22/2014
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  • St. Patrick's Green

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day! I’m wearing green – how about you? And after a winter such as we have had, that green is a precious promise of spring. A promise of fresh green grass, new lettuce and peas in the pod. This is also the season of pledge campaigns, a plea and a hope for...
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