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  • Help UU Church of Arlington Recover from Historic Flooding

    At UUCA, the storm’s heavy rain resulted in almost 70 percent of the church’s lower level being covered in one to two inches of standing water – causing significant water damage to the affected areas.
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  • Be That Spark

    Recently we highlighted the Central East Region (CER) Chalice Lighter Program, sharing the HOW of applying for growth focused grants, and now we want to focus on WHY you as an individual should support this grant program....
    By Andrea Perry Lerner | 9/17/2018
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  • NOVA Congregations Use Faithify to Provide Teacher Training Program

    Northern Virginia (NOVA) Congregations Collaborate to provide a Rich and Rewarding Teacher Training Program with the Help of a Faithify Campaign...
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  • UU Charleston Improving through Faithify Campaign

    Unitarian Universalist presence in the state of West Virginia is deeply needed and wanted in today’s climate.
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  • Are you familiar with Chalice Lighters?

    This program has been in place for decades in most areas of the United States as a way to fund growth in Unitarian Universalist congregations –...
    By Andrea Perry Lerner | 5/22/2017
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  • Building Your Stewardship Team: Assemble the Right Team

    Part of the Nurturing Stewardship Series. ...
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  • On A Scale of 1 -10 (10 = Great), I Would Rate Stewardship on Our Website at About -3

    Does the title above sound familiar? Your website is effectively your Electronic Commons and your Electronic Front Door. It’s where potential visitors find you and where members come for information, ideas, and inspiration. ...
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  • Stewardship for Us: The Steward's Identity

    We all have different aspects to our identity, and some are more important to how we “identify” than others. I am a married, middle-aged, male to name a few—not necessarily in that order of priority. I also have identities in my congregation: member, former president,...
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  • Stewardship for Us: What About the Children?

    How Do Children and Youth Fit in Our Stewardship Culture? ...
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  • Video Tips for Pledge Celebration from StewardshipforUs

    by Mark Ewert, StewardshipforUs ...
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  • Shall We Gather Together? - Stewardship Blog

    I recently had the privilege of working with the North Texas Unitarian Universalist Congregations cluster (NTUUC) in an all day Stewardship Workshop, well hosted by the Community Unitarian Universalist Congregation in Plano, TX. In reflecting on this experience during my trip...
    By William Clontz | 2/16/2016
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  • Together We Can Help Huntington, WV Recover

    On September 5, 2015, the Unitarian Fellowship of Huntington, WV, experienced an electrical fire that results in fire, water and smoke damage throughout the building. Thankfully the fast response by the fire department prevented a total loss and minimized the damage....
    By Beth Casebolt | 11/9/2015
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  • Do You Faithify?

    Have you heard about
    By Beth Casebolt | 9/14/2015
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  • Have You Heard of Faithify?

    At General Assembly in June an exciting new program rolled out. Called Faithify, it is a UU specific crowdfunding program. Faithify is a new way for those of us with exciting new projects that need funding to reach those who might want to fund them. Watch the video below to...
    By Beth Casebolt | 10/27/2014
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  • Introducing Faithify....

    Debuting at General Assembly this year is a UU specific crowd funding program called Faithify. You can find it at
    By Beth Casebolt | 7/22/2014
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