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Archives of Central East Region News
Archives of Central East Region News
  • Building Your Stewardship Team: Assemble the Right Team

    Part of the Nurturing Stewardship Series. Part of the secret to successful stewardship programs lies in building and engaging your stewardship team the right way; recruit with an eye towards skills and teamwork, lay out clear guidelines for what is to be accomplished, and manage...
  • On A Scale of 1 -10 (10 = Great), I Would Rate Stewardship on Our Website at About -3

    Does the title above sound familiar? Your website is effectively your Electronic Commons and your Electronic Front Door. It’s where potential visitors find you and where members come for information, ideas, and inspiration. Where and how stewardship is seen on your website is...
  • Stewardship for Us: The Steward's Identity

    We all have different aspects to our identity, and some are more important to how we “identify” than others. I am a married, middle-aged, male to name a few—not necessarily in that order of priority. I also have identities in my congregation: member, former president,...
  • Stewardship for Us: What About the Children?

    How Do Children and Youth Fit in Our Stewardship Culture? Bill Clontz, Stewardship Consultant Not long ago, a couple of members of the Stewardship for Us team met with a senior Unitarian Universalist leader to discuss the state of stewardship within our movement. We asked the...
  • Video Tips for Pledge Celebration from StewardshipforUs

    by Mark Ewert, StewardshipforUs Why aren’t there more good annual drive videos from our congregations? I search around the web regularly for appealing congregational stewardship videos – ones that I can use as examples for other congregations. And they are very rare indeed. This...
  • Shall We Gather Together? - Stewardship Blog

    I recently had the privilege of working with the North Texas Unitarian Universalist Congregations cluster (NTUUC) in an all day Stewardship Workshop, well hosted by the Community Unitarian Universalist Congregation in Plano, TX. In reflecting on this experience during my trip...
    By William Clontz | 2/16/2016

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