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  • UU Wilmington Delaware Re-Dedicates Building

    Today we are here to celebrate and re-dedicate our house of worship. Believe it or not, this is the culmination of work that began five years ago with a building assessment which produced our Building Condition report.
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  • Opportunities for Connection ~ March 2020

    Find out what's happening in the Central East Region! This month - General Assembly 2020, Seaway Gathering, CERSI & UUMAC open registration and Congregations as Good Employer Resources.
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  • How to Attend GA 2020 on a Budget

    Looking for ways to save money and still attend General Assembly this year? These tips can help.
    By Central East Region of the UUA | 2/27/2020
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  • Get "All In For Climate Justice" at the UU-UNO's Intergenerational Spring Seminar!

    The 2020 Intergenerational Spring Seminar on Climate Justice is almost here! Discussions and events surrounding climate justice will be held for three days. Here's an overview of what to be excited about, from worship to workshops.
    By Alana Campbell | 2/24/2020
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  • Looking for Summer Fun? Try UUMAC

    UUMAC, or the Unitarian Universalist Mid-Atlantic Community, gathers together for one week each year to build community and deepen our Unitarian Universalist faith through fun, friendship, music, dancing, learning and worship.
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  • What’s In a Phrase?

    Most – if not all – of our current social ills (war, the climate crisis, racism, immigration, economic inequality, for-profit healthcare, for-profit schools, mass incarceration) are a result of a worldview that looks at both people and planet as things to be used to profit those...
    By Renee Ruchotzke | 2/10/2020
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  • Our Kids and the Klimate!

    On January 7, the Mt. Vernon Unitarian Church (MVUC) CAT (Climate Action Team) Education group organized a Kids and Klimate! Day for young people from PreK to 12th grade.
    By Mt Vernon Unitarian Church, Alexandria, VA | 2/3/2020
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