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  • Social Justice Learning at Home and Away

    There are many opportunities for all of us to learn more about various social justice issues in our homes, congregations or at trainings and events around the region. Here is a sampler of what is available. If you know of others, please recommend them in the comments!...
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  • Opportunities for Connection ~ November 2018

    Find out what's happening in the Central East Region! This month - UUA Common Read, Election Opportunities, Summer Institute Theme Speaker.
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  • Ohio Issue 1 - Electoral Justice Issue

    Ohio Issue 1, if passed, will dismantle much of the mass incarceration system in Ohio by reducing felony drug possession convictions to misdemeanors retroactively. This aligns with our UU commitments to resist white supremacy, embody solidarity with those harmed by the prison...
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  • UU Amherst Dedicates Free Food Pantry

    Two years ago, UU Church of Amherst, NY member Maria Ceraulo read a story online about a “Little Free Food Pantry” and thought, “Huh, we should do this,” and began floating the idea to her congregation. The congregation applied for and received a very generous grant from the...
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  • We Need Churches

    The communities where we live and work and go to school are constantly changing. The nation and the wider world is constantly changing.
    By Paula Cole Jones | 10/8/2018
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  • Summer Institute Has a New Name!

    THE RESULTS ARE IN! Summer Institute finally has a new name, chosen by an overwhelming majority vote of members of the SI community, and that new name is… Central East Region Summer Institute! Our new name is practical and descriptive, it echoes our old name (switching OMD to...
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