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  • Opportunities for Connection ~ April 2017

    Featured Resource: Summer Camps ...
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  • GA Preparation Materials Available

    Prepare your heart, mind, and spirit to enter into the Resist and Rejoice experience in New Orleans, arriving at General Assembly ready to learn what the people, culture, history, and geography have to teach! Check out these resources to help you prepare. Before heading to GA,...
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  • Focused Church

    Who knows why our Central East Region staff decided to schedule our congregational check-ins for February this year? What a surprising opportunity it turned out to be to see how congregations turn from crisis and overwhelm to resolve and commitment....
    By Megan Foley | 3/13/2017
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  • Why Nobody Wants to Go to Church Anymore

    That’s the title of a recent book written by Joani and Thom Schultz. The title shouldn’t shock many of us anymore. There is a lot of evidence for its assertion.
    By Joan Van Becelaere | 3/6/2017
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  • CER Congregations in the News this Week

    Normally we share news stories about our CER congregations via social media, but this week there are so many, it seemed best to share them all here. Shout out to Rachel Walden, UUA Communications Specialist who curates the list for us. ...
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