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Get answers to common questions about regionalization in the Central East Region
Regionalization FAQ-Staff and Communications

Questions about staff services and evaluation and how the regioanlization plan is being communicated to our congregations and leadership.


Can one boss really evaluate all the UUA staff serving the regions?

There is a logical structure for managing all the UUA staff. Each of the dozen or so regional staff members reports to their Regional Lead (RL). The five Regional Leads report to the Director of Congregational Life (DCL). The Congregational Life Advisory Councils (CLAC) are involved in this process and are a link between the congregations and the RLs and the DCL.

Who decides the type and level of service the regional staff provide to congregations?

This is primarily the function of the Director of Congregational Life, with input from the UUA, the Regional Leads, and the CLACs.


How will the information about regionalization be communicated to congregations and members?

In a variety of ways: PowerPoint presentations, short videos, our CERG website and regionalization blogs, webinars, answers to FAQs.

Will there be workshops for each congregation? Cluster?

Given the logistical constraints, more emphasis will be on multi-congregation communications like those with clusters.

How can individuals get this information?

Many different sources of information are available on our CERG website and more are being added.

What is the plan to get (ministers, DREs, board presidents, etc) on board with this plan?

Meetings have been held and are planned for the UUMA and LREDA chapters. Presentations at cluster meetings and webinars with congregational presidents and other lay leaders are being scheduled.

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