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Learn about regionalization in the Central East Region

CER Regionalization Video Playlist

CER Regionalization Video Playlist

This section of the website focuses on the issue of regionalization for our four districts. Here you can find answers to questions and videos that address regionalization and details about the regionalization process. We recommend you read the CERGing Forward Blog by district board members reflecting on the various issues around regionalization.

Regionalization Video Series—the playlist above runs all the videos in order. You can watch the individual videos from the right sidebar.

Memorandum of Understanding

The Memorandum of Understanding was signed by the presidents of the four districts and the UUA leadership on November 7, 2015. The text of the executive summary is included on the page or you can download and read a pdf of the entire document.

Congregational Life Advisory Council

The Congregational Life Advisory Council will act as a liaison in providing feedback from congregations, professional groups, clusters and other constituencies to the staff. Learn more about their work.

Regionalization FAQ Series

  • Background Questions & Nuts and Bolts—Questions addressing where regionalization came from, how others have implemented it and what are the legal necessities of making it a reality.
  • Clusters and Community—Questions about clusters, how we will meet in community and how new congregations will be planted or created.
  • Governance and the CLAC—Questions about what our governance will look like after regionalization and the Congregational Life Advisory Council.
  • Dues, Funding & Endowments—Questions about how the Fair Share program will change, how funding will be handled and what will happen with endowments and investment funds owned by the districts.
  • Programs—Questions about district run programs such as youth and young adult programs, Summer Institute, Chalice Lighters, Commissioned Lay Leaders and others.
  • Staff and Communications—Questions about staff services and evaluation and how the regioanlization plan is being communicated to our congregations and leadership.

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