Youth Ministry Practicum

Introduction to the Module

This practicum guides a cohort of adult (25+ years old) volunteers, seminarians, & religious professionals through a learning and practice experience in youth ministry. We will explore the story and practice of ministry with young people in our movement and apply our learnings to ministering with youth people in the covid era. The practicum is facilitated by Jennica Davis-Hockett & Rev. Stevie Carmody, youth and emerging adult staff in the UUA’s Office of Lifespan Faith Engagement.

Module Requirements

The practicum is comprised of four parts:

  1. Monthly 60 minute zoom meetings to skill-share, work through case studies, and talk about the practice of youth ministry advising.
  2. Readings and Trainings on youth safety, empowerment and the history of youth ministry in our association.
  3. Practical experience in a local, cluster or denominational-wide youth ministry project. See the Practical Experience page for a list of requirements and options.
  • Cumulative project that showcases participant learning and resources a youth ministry setting.

Module Goals

By the end of this module:

  1. Participants will understand and support the implementation of youth safety and youth empowerment within a youth ministry setting.
  2. Participants will be grounded in the history and developing practice of youth ministry within Unitarian Universalism.
  3. Participants will gain experience in the practice of youth ministry, developing their dispositional approach, their clear understanding of boundaries, and their problem-solving skills.
  4. Participants will be equipped with the skills to accompany Unitarian Universalist youth in their spiritual lives and to support them in meaning making.