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Renaissance Module Resources

Note: All Renaissance Module Evaluations are accessible online: Leader Evaluation Form, Leader in Training Evaluation Form, and Participant Evaluation Form.

The Personal Module Record (Word) (PDF) allows participants to keep track of the modules they have taken (participants may keep this).

The following resources are available for coordinating a Renaissance Module.

Administration as Leadership

Adult Faith Development and Programming

Curriculum Planning

Ministry with Youth

Multicultural Religious Education

Philosophy of Religious Education

Teacher Development

  • Leader's Guide (PDF, 71 pages) Note: a revision will be published shortly; please contact pkahn [at] uua [dot] org (Pat Kahn) for more information.
  • The Reader is The Courage to Teach by Parker Palmer, published by Jossey-Bass, and this Guide to the Reader (PDF, 3 pages) which correlates the chapters of the Palmer book with the module sessions in which they are used.

Unitarian Universalist History

Unitarian Universalist Identity

  • Currently under revision; contact the Renaissance Office with questions.


  • Leader's Guide (PDF)
  • Power Point slides
  • The Reader is A Good Telling by Kristin Maier (Skinner House, 2013).
  • Handouts (PDF)

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