System Theory Renaissance Module at Southeast Liberal Religious Educators Associations’ RE Week at The Mountain

Event format: On-site

Date & time:

  • Sunday, July 7, 2024, 9:00 am - 5:00 pm EDT

Type of event: Training

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The System Theory Renaissance Module will be offered in-person at the Southeast Liberal Religious Educators Associations’ RE Week at The Mountain July 7-12. This module will be led by Nancy Combs-Morgan, Credentialed Religious Educator – Leadership Level, Spiritual Counselor, and Congregational Life Consultant in the Southern Region; and Judith Stein-Farrell, Credentialed Religious Educator – Credentialed Level. Find registration details here.

Module Requirements

The System Theory Module is a learning experience with reading and other assignments for each session. Full participation includes:

  • Attendance and participation at each of the sessions
  • Reading and reflection to prepare for each session 
  • Completion of final group project.
  • Submission of final evaluation within a week of the ending of the training.

Goals of the Module

Connie Goodbread, Acting Director of the UUA’s Hope for Us Conflict Engagement Team, has studied Healthy Congregations development and conflict identification and transformation with Rev. Dr. Peter Steinke, and is recognized for her original work on System Theory with a UU lens. In this training on System Theory, participants will

  • Examine human beings as emotional, intellectual, and physical beings. Everything that human beings create, discover, destroy and build is born out of our humanity.
  • Explore and clarify what is means to be a Unitarian Universalist.
  • Discuss the human qualities that help and hinder the growth of beloved community.

The overarching lens of System Theory will ground the experience and aid religious educators, and other religious professionals, to apply these learnings to their own professional context.

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